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The Newest Trends in Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

May 05 2015

picture of steam carpet cleaning

Carpets enhance the looks in our homes or offices. However most people are accustomed to stubborn stains from footwear marks, water stains, and spilled drinks among others. Even though you take excellent care of your carpets by vacuuming them often and spot cleaning when necessary, there are a few hard-to-clean blemishes that need special attention. The good news is that the carpet cleaning business is growing rapidly and in these days offers more than one carpet cleaning technique. Carpet cleaning jobs are done by professionals capable of cleaning and removing nearly all kinds of stains. 

As most of us know, about seventy five percent of soil amassed in fitted carpets is dry soil which is best taken out through regular vacuuming. As a result it is essential to employ a stringent care schedule and vacuum carpets carefully for no less than two times a week. However, the main issue when it comes to carpet cleaning is getting rid of the twenty five percent of dirt that is attached to the carpet strands. This is where specialized carpet cleaning services come in handy. Stop scouring and stressing over coffee or wine staines and count on a professional carpet cleaning service in St. Louis for perfect results.

With the technological advancements witnessed all over the world, these professionals have newer cleaning strategies. Steam cleaning for instance is turning out to be an increasingly trendy method of cleaning carpets. Aside from being uncomplicated and efficient it is also Eco-friendly. This implies that it is totally safe for children and pets. Reason being it employs the hot water extraction method which is suggested for more seriously soiled situations (hot water and unique cleaning detergents are combined and applied to the fitted carpet under pressure). This technique is suggested by the majority of carpet makers, since it is extremely effective. The carpet needs between twelve and eighteen hours to dry. For more information about our carpet cleaning service in St. Louis we provide feel free to contact us.

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